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Who can it be knocking at my door?

You hear a knock. You ask "Who is there?" A voice says something vague, a name you think you know. But the voice sounds familiar and trustworthy. You open your door ...
Prevent home invasion NOW

Home invasion in Adelaide is a big problem. Nothing would be more terrifying than being invaded in your own home. And there would be little comfort in knowing it might have been prevented if you'd had a Video Intercom installed by Prime Security Systems Pty Ltd Adelaide.
Protection for you. For children. For the elderly.

Home invasion is more often than not caused by people, often elderly, giving criminals the opportunity to force their way into their homes by opening the door a little to 'see who's there'. With a Video Intercom they can make a better decision who to let in.

Intercoms are especially important for the elderly and infirmed. Sons and daughters - think about Video Intercoms for your ageing parents.

And what of young children? So trusting, they could be opening the door to anyone calling themselves "daddy" if they couldn't see who was saying it. Video Intercoms can help protect your family.
Benefits of Intercoms

  • Decide who you let in BEFORE you open the door.
  • Convenience and technology at your fingertips.
  • Stops unnecessary trips to the front door or gate.
  • Protect against home invasion - one the most terrifying crimes imaginable.
  • Lets you have a good look at anyone who comes to you door or gate.
  • Check workers' ID and Security Passes without asking them in.
  • Stop door-to-door salespeople or religious spruikers.
  • Can be wired to automate your door or gate.
  • Video Intercoms in hard wearing, fashionable finishes like stainless steel are a stylish addition to any house.
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